Breaking Down the Sonny Gray Trade

The Sonny Gray trade has been finalized on the MLB trade deadline! Sonny Gray will be a Yankee and 3 of the Yankees top 12 prospects will be in the green and gold. In, this article I will be reviewing how the trade went down and who won.

Athletics: Now, the athletics came into the trade deadline knowing that Sonny Gray was going to be traded for top prospects, and that’s exactly what happened. They got James Kaprelian, Dustin Fowler, and Jorge Mateo. Jorge Mateo is a fast base runner, the one problem is he doesn’t have power to hit Homeruns but, I do think the A’s will be able to teach him how to get under the ball and hit dingers. If the A’s can teach Mateo that he will be a deadly 2B for them. Dustin Fowler and James Kaprelian are both players that had season ending injuries but, were playing like studs before them. Dustin Fowler hits dingers he has 25 Homeruns and is slashing. James Kaprelian is a pitcher with a lot of potential and can easily become the A’s number 3.


Yankees: A team trying to contend for World Series number 28, there in need of pitching help. Picking up Sonny Gray on the deadline was a huge plus especially seeing how well he was performing in his last 10 games for the A’s. The Yankees gave up 2 injured prospects and a decent prospect in Jorge Mateo. Which, was a good deal for the Yankees especially since they didn’t give up Gleyber Torres or Clint Frazier.


Overall, I think the Yankees won giving up two injured prospects and Jorge Mateo for an ace was a good trade for the Yankees. Notice how I’m not saying it was a steal. For the A’s part of the trade, It was also well, considering how good Fowler and Jorge Mateo can be is a great start for the A’s rebuild. If you have 3 prospects that came from a farm as deep as the Yankees have you know you have a good chance at getting a stud. Great trade for both teams at the end of the day and they both got what they needed.


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