Neymar signed World Record Fee

Today, the Soccer World was shaken by the signing of Neymar to PSG. We will be reviewing the how good PSG will be and what will happen to Barcelona after this monster deal.

Barcelona: A Barcelona team without Neymar sounds a bit weird. Nobody thought it was going to happen we all thought it was just another idiotic rumor trying to get attention. Well, it is a reality now and we need to examine Barcelona’s team after this deal. For a hefty fee of $263 million, we will be seeing world class midfielder and Brazilian star Neymar, in a PSG jersey. After, this the  Neymar saga we will definitely see Coutinho in Barcelona jersey. We will see Barcelona finish 3rd or 2nd in La Liga after getting rid of one of their key pieces. Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi have a bigger responsibility to carry this team to the top and it’ll be their primary job to do so.

PSG: PSG just absolutely shocked everyone including critics by signing  Neymar. He’ll be a CRUCIAL part of this team. PSG is heavily relying on Neymar to be their star and take them all the way to their Champions League which they have been dreaming for. With an impressive midfielder, PSG looks to be at the top.

In Conclusion, we will have to see where the Neymar transfer saga will take us. With PSG breaking the world record and Barcelona looking a bit different without their Brazilian star. One thing many people will continue to think though is that this was one of a kind trade window!